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Unlock Kids’ Emotions Breakthrough Session


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Did you know it is okay to feel angry?  to feel confused?  and happy?  Human emotions (for our kids, too) are like a rainbow; we carry all of them with us each day.  There are not good or bad emotions; instead, there are appropriate and (sometimes inappropriate) ways to show these emotions.  Some of us choose to show our emotions and others keep them hidden. 

Parenting is a tough gig and I’m here to support you with the emotional ride.  In the “Unlock Kids’ Emotions Breakthrough” session, you’ll learn

  • How to have SIMPLE conversations with your kids about emotions, so that your kids feel comfortable sharing their UPs and DOWNs with you.
  • Why it is so important to SHOW your kid that you’re listening, so that your relationship GROWS.
  • And how to stay CALM through it all, so that your kid sees just how AWESOME-sauce you are.

Are you READY to UNLOCK your kids’ emotions and OPEN the parent-to-kid TALK?




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