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Confident Parent Academy – monthly payments of $825

$825.00 / Day / month for 6 months


  1. Find Your Zen:  Your parenting superpower is in your ability to find your calm and respond, rather than react.  Tap into your powerhouse and then watch the ripple effect within your own family.
  2. Help Your Kiddo Find Their Zen: When your kids (and partners for that matter) see you balanced, calm and confident, then they will also naturally lean into those same assets.  You will learn how to keep your zen and show your kids how to tap into theirs, too.
  3. Neuroscience + Emotions in Kiddos:  Why did my son/daughter act like that?  I’m so sorry that my son/daughter said that out loud!  Any of these sound familiar to you?  In this stage you will learn about the “why” behind behaviors.  When the “why” is clear, then your parenting superpower grows even stronger because you get something that your kids don’t.
  4. Emotions Are Okay + I’m Okay:  Emotions are normal.  Human.  When we create safe places in our homes for emotions to grow then we are actually growing compassion and understanding for others (also known as empathy).  And, wouldn’t your world be a little bit better with some of this? Designed with Amanda’s trademarked Emocet to create a safe, simple way to communicate emotions within your home.
  5. Parent + Kiddo in-Harmony Jam: 1:2 session with Amanda, you and your son(s)/daughter(s) to create a unique map so you can live happy, healthy & heart-filled lives together.
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in YOUR Confident Parent Academy, you will 

Learn how to 

  • Find your parenting power (your inner calm!)
  • Honor your worth as a parent 
  • Find the right balance in your life
  • Take time for yourself (guilt free)
  • Navigate your kid’s next melt-down without the stress 


Your unique Confident Parent Academy experience includes

✧ Investment of $4,950  ($825 per month x 6 months) 


✧ Register within 24 hrs = $4,110  ($685 per month for 6 months)~SAVE $840 


✧Pay in full + registration within 24 hrs = $4,110 (plus additional 1:1 session with Amanda to focus on new topic or to dive deeper into any of the 5 stages) Best Value! 

✧ Timeline: 6 months 




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