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Emotions on your sleeve

The Me-Emotions bracelets gives our children the opportunity to literally wear their emotions on their sleeves, creating one less excuse (and you can name a few can’t you) to ignore their emotions. Emocet® is designed to remind your child (and let’s be honest, the loving adult too) that our emotions are with us every day.

Me-Emotion Bracelets

“I feel …angry, happy, anxious, sad, excited…”

Emotions Bracelets


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Our Vision

Empathic understanding of emotions

Nourish kids and youth with self-awareness and emotional-wellbeing so they can harness their brightest potential.

Emotions don’t have to be a bad thing.  In fact, we each carry a rainbow of emotions with us each day.   Emocet® is designed to remind your child (and let’s be honest, the loving adult too) that our emotions are with us every day.






How it Works

A little something for everyone

When our kids (and you too, loving adult) learn how to talk about emotions then emotional intelligence takes root and the next thing you know, you have an Aspen tree-like grove of emotionally healthy humans.

Step 1

Think of these rainbow-colored bracelets as literally wearing emotions on the sleeve. All of the emotions are with your child each day, and whether your child reveals their emotion to the world is unique to each child.  

At the start of your child’s day, they will place all the colorful bracelets on their non-dominant hand.  This represents the understanding that your child carries all emotions with them each day: your child is colorful.

Step 2

Take notice of the emotions on your child’s sleeve – and ask simple questions to cue your child to interact with their emotions’ bracelets.  Some questions you might want to ask: “Are you feeling any emotions right now?

When your child begins to feel an emotion, or you recognize the emotion in them, then the bracelet will move from the non-dominant to the dominant.  This is the subtle cue to the world about the child’s emotions in that moment.

Step 3

Notice and respond.  Some of the supportive responses from parents/care partners/ teachers can include:

I notice that you are feeling anxious right now.  How can I support you right now?  Do you need to take a break?  Do you need to go for a walk? 

And before you know it, your child may wake up one day and automatically slip on a bracelet to share with their world about how they feel. 

I absolutely love these Emocet® bracelets and what they have done for my son! Thank you so much! Your idea has given a 10 year old Aussie freedom to express his feelings in a manner that isn’t a meltdown or rage and throwing things. It’s a simple switch of a bracelet to his dominant arm….GENIUS!!! Thank you, Amanda Irtz, you are changing lives! One bracelet at a time!

Meet Amanda, the innovator

Amanda is the creative innovator of Emocet.  She is joy-filled mother of two children who practice emotional living each day.  She created Emocet because she understands the unique needs of kids from her 20+ years in education and her boots-to-the-ground training as a mom.  Amanda understands that when kids are self-aware then they are better equipped to understand other humans.

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